Neil Micheals, Youth Ministry Leader

Our Mission

In His master plan, “the Lord has appointed the youth to be His helping hand.”—Testimonies, vol. 7, p. 64. With this instruction and others, it is our goal to sustain a youth ministry that will:

1. Lead youth to understand their individual worth and discover and develop their spiritual gifts and abilities

2. Equip and empower youth for a life of service within Christ’s church and the community

3. Ensure the integration of youth into all aspects of church life and leadership.

Reflections : GYC Experience


Youth Church:     Sabbath, February 1, 2014

Our church service was lead by our youth and was a high Sabbath.  Come listen to the testimonies shared by our young people on their recent trip to the Generation of Youth for Christ conference which was held in Orlando, Florida this year.  Don't miss it, bring a friend. It all starts Sabbath morning at 9:30am.

GYC Conference:  January 1-5, 2014

Generation of Youth for Christ: From January 1st - January 5th, 2014 GYC's "Before Men And Angels" conference will be held in Orlando, Florida at the convention center.  The GYC is a solid Seventh-day Adventist youth organization that promotes and cultivates a genuine experience with Jesus for the young people in our churches.  Our church board has voted to offer financial assistance our youth in attending the conference this year (this means we need donations).  There is an application for youth, ages 14-21, to apply for financial assistance (See Neil Michaels or Shannon Brantley).  These applications must be received by Youth Ministries no later than October 30th in order to be considered (see links below).  Pastor Herthel will be attending the conference.  To find out more details go to or contact Pastor Herthel.  If you would like to make a contribution please mark your tithe envelope "GYC Fund."

We are young people committed to Jesus Christ and His call of a radical commitment to Him.  Because of your radical choice, do you not think the enemy of souls is not going to try to alter our commitment and ultimately discourage us in our walk with Christ?  Of course he is.

The good news is that victory is ours in Jesus.  Though the battle rages on, if we have committed ourselves to the winning side, our victory is assured.

Hence, our theme this year. We want to bring together thousands of young people from around the world and let them all know that we are in this fight together. “We may be weak and helpless in ourselves, yet all the forces of heaven are at the command of the believing child of God, and the hosts of hell cannot make him depart from the right course if he clings to God by living faith” (Review & Herald, May 20, 1884).

Yes, GYC has historically had great meetings; but it is nothing without you and your commitment to Jesus.