Mt. Pleasant SDA's Performance Arts Ministry

Purpose: To glorify God and the grace of Jesus Christ through the performance arts.

Vision: To lead others to a better understanding of the gift of salvation and a spirit lead life in Jesus.

Aim: To share visual representations through live performances the attractiveness of living in Christ. To encourage the church with faith based performances sketches, recitations, plays, dialogues, readers theater, and story telling.

Our Goals

  • Share Christ
  • Encourage the church
  • Serve the church through witnessing
  • Serve as role models
  • Use materials based on scripture and SDA Christian values
  • Portray a vibrant spiritual live with Bible stories and teachings
  • Actively involve church members, from children to seniors, in Christian ministry
  • Reach out to all believers and non-believers

Upcoming Performances

Agape Feast, December 18th

Who Can Join?

  • Anyone who wishes to perform
  •  Simple auditions will be given, not as a method of excluding, but to ascertain level of ability.
  • Members who do not wish to perform may serve in supporting areas, such as production, costumes, sound, music, backdrops, etc.