Cedar Lake Camp Meeting June 10-18, 2016

Camp Meeting is coming up on us! During this time we will not be having prayer meeting on the 8th & 15th nor church service on the 11th & 18th. It is our desire for all to attend the services at Cedar Lake during this time. Speakers this year include Shawn Boonstra, Doug Batchelor, Kameron DeVasher, and Ingo Sorke.

Raising the Remnant

Recent research has indeed painted a remarkably clear portrait of the character, values, and practices of parents whose young adult children are now thriving spiritually. Raising the Remnant not only reports on these Geroge Barna research findings, but also uncovers that this very same traditional advice was given in the 19th century!

You're sure to walk away from this fast-paced, information-packed dvd with practical and proven time-tested success strategies from real Christian families.

While there are no guarantees in a universe of free will, the principles in this dvd will provide your children every advantage in becoming the spiritually strong remnant in the midst of a spiritually lost generation. Learn more.

Prison Ministries

Are you interested in joining this kind of service? If you are or you have any questions contact Herbert Nelson.  The Saginaw Correction Facility in Freeland, Michigan will be the mission field for this endeavor.

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