Audio CDs

Audio CDs of our sermons are available by request. There is a request form on the bulletin board at church. You many also contact Nate Thibert by clicking the button below.  Let us know the sermon title, date or speaker and we'll have your copy ready for you the following Sabbath.

Archived Sermons from 2013

The First Day of the Rest of Your Life  by Herbert Nelson           12/28/13

The First Day of the Rest of Your Life
Herbert Nelson (The First Day of the Rest of Your Life)

The Present of Presence   by Pastor Herthel                                       12/21/13

The Present of Presence
Pastor Cory Herthel (The Present of Presence)

Choices          by Pastor Herthel                                                   12/7/13

Pastor Cory Herthel (Choices)

Lost in the House Pt. 4 by Herbert Nelson                                                   11/30/13

Lost In The House Pt. 4
Herbert Nelson Jr. (Lost In The House)

Truth for the Remnant by Scott Ritsema                                                      11/23/13

Truth For The Remnant
Scott Ritsema (Truth For The Remnant)

Making Worship Come Alive. by Elder Jim Micheff Jr                             11/16/13

Making Worship Come Alive
Elder Jim Micheff Jr. (Making Worship Come Alive)

Will Your Anchor Hold? by Pastor George Dronen                                    11/09/13

Will Your Anchor Hold?
Pastor George Dronen (Will Your Anchor Hold?)

A Father's Legacy by Royce Snyman                                                             11/02/13

A Fathers Legacy
Royce Snyman (A Fathers Legacy)

Words by Faith Fowler                                                                                            10/26/13

Faith Fowler (Words)

Relationship, Relationship, Relationship by Tim Phelps                      10/05/13

Relationship, Relationship, Relationship
Tim Phelps (Relationship, Relationship, Relationship)

What a Friend by Mark Clare                                                                                09/28/13

What A Friend
Mark Clare (What A Friend)

Twigs and Branches by Pastor Herthel                                                    09/21/13

Twigs and Branches
Pastor Cory Herthel (Twigs and Branches)

Of Quarks and Gluons by LeRoy Barnes                                                09/14/13

Of Quarks and Gluons
Leroy Barnes (Of Quarks and Gluons)

The Lost Book by Pastor Herthel                                                                09/07/13

The Lost Book
Pastor Cory Herthel (The Lost Book)

E Pluribus Unum by Pastor Herthel                                                            08/31/13

E Pluribus Unum
Pastor Cory Herthel (E Pluribus Unum)

The Spirit of the Moment by Neil Michaels                                               08/24/13

The Spirit of the Moment
Neil Michael (The Spirit of the Moment)

Lost in the House Pt. 2 by Herbert Nelson                                         08/17/13

Lost in the House Pt. 2
Herbert Nelson (Lost in the House Pt. 2)

The Priest on His Throne by Pastor George Dronen                              08/10/13

The Priest On His Throne
Pastor George Dronen (The Priest On His Throne)

Christ's Personal Rescue by Pastor Herthel                                               08/13/13

Christ's Personal Rescue
Pastor Cory Herthel (Christ's Personal Rescue)

The Mystery of Sunday and Faith by James Earl                                       07/27/13

The Mystery of Sunday and Faith
James Earl (The Mystery of Sunday and Faith)

Excuses Instead of Service by LeRoy Barnes                                               07/20/13

Excuses Instead of Service
Leroy Barnes (Excuses Instead of Service)

Lost In The House by Herbert Nelson                                                                 07/13/13

Lost In The House
Herbert Nelson (Lost In The House)

He Knew All Along by Pastor Cory Herthel                                                        07/06/13

He Knew All Along
Pastor Cory Herthel (He Knew All Along)

Camp Meetings Over; Now What? by LeRoy Barnes                                       06/29/13

Camp Meetings Over; Now What?
LeRoy Barnes (Camp Meetings Over; Now What?)

Ambassador of Grace by Tami Milligan                                                             06/08/13

Tami Milligan (Ambassadors of Grace)

Words Are Cheap  by Pastor Cory Herthel                                                          06/01/13

Words Are Cheap
Pastor Herthel (Words Are Cheap)

When it Rains....  by Elder Joel Nephew                                                             05/25/13    

When it Rains....
Elder Joel Nephew (When it Rains.....)

In The Midst of Darkness,God....                                                                   05/11/13

In The Midst Of Darkness, God...
Lloyd Smith

Revelation's Prophetic Movement at the End-Time by Pastor Cory Herthel                                                                                                                                                           05/04/13

Revelation's Prophetic Movement at the End-Time
Pastor Herthel (Revelation's Prophetic Movement at the End-Time)

And He Walks With Me by Pastor Cory Herthel                                               05/04/13 

And He Walks With Me
Pastor Herthel (And He Walks With Me)

Revelation's Battle of Armageddon & The Seven Last Plagues

by Pastor Cory Herthel                                                                                                 04/20/13   

Revelations Battle of Armageddon and the Seven Last Plagues
Pastor Herthel (Revelations Battle of Armageddon and the Seven Last Plagues)

Revelation's Battle of Armageddon & The Seven Last Plagues, pt. 2

 by Pastor Cory Herthel                                                                                                 04/20/13  

Revelations Battle of Armageddon and the Seven Last Plagues Part #2
Pastor Herthel (Revelations Battle of Armageddon and the Seven Last Plagues Part #2)

The Acceptance Letter by PastorCory Herthel                                                04/16/13   

The Acceptance Letter
Pastor Herthel (The Acceptance Letter)

Be A Man!....Attacking the Stereotype by Aaron Cloutier                        03/30/13

Be A Man...... Attacking the Sterotype
Aaron Cloutier (Be A Man...... Attacking the Sterotype)

It'll Be Okay by Faith Fowler                                                                                    03/09/13

Faith Fowler (It'll Be Okay)
 Faith of Joseph by Pastor Cory Herthel                                                               03/22/13
Faith of Joseph
Pastor Herthel (Faith of Joseph)
Headin' to Philly  by Pastor Cory Herthel                                                             02/16/13
Haedin for Philly
Pastor Herthel
What Great Sacrifice? by George Corliss                                                          02/09/13 
How Great A Sacrifice
George Corliss (How Great A Sacrifice)