The purpose of this women's ministries program is to serve. The Women of God serving; first at home and then in our community. The Mount Pleasant Women's Ministries program strives to encourage, equip, promote, and challenge Christian Women in their journey as disciples and members of His church and to bring women's unique perspectives to the issues facing the church.


Judy Boursaw,
Director, Women's Ministries,
Mt Pleasant SDA Church

Recent Events

Women's Retreat 2014

We must hold ourselves and others accountable for the negative and destructive words that harm our sisters; words that poison the mind of one against another.

It starts with you and me! What will you do to bless your sister? What will you say to discourage harmful and destructive conversation? It is up to us and we must do our part to bless and lift up our sisters in Christ! May God bless your efforts as you serve!

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Health and Women's Ministry teamed up in October!

On Wednesday October 15th, 2015, 11 health-minded women gathered at the home of Abby Smith for an evening of food and fun. Abby demonstrated how to make delicious vegan fudge and sour cream, Judy Boursaw shared Bible verses about the importance of keeping our minds and bodies in good health (1 Corinthians 6:19-20, Ecclesiastes 10:17), and Faith Fowler shared a health testimony (see Health Ministry page). Abby also presented material from Dr. Neil Goodman's STARTNEW lifestyle program and discussed the importance of consuming less refined/man-made food products and eating more whole foods to lose weight and prevent or reverse diseases such as diabetes and heart disease. 

See more pictures from this event in our Photo Gallery.


Sister Brunch

Diaper Bags for New Moms

One of our Women's Ministries Projects was Diaper Bags for New Moms.

The women of our church organized and through donations and purchases produced 12 diaper bags full of new baby items to help at risk mothers in our community.

These new diaper bags contained such things as bottles, baby wipes, diapers, hand made receiving blankets with matching burp cloths, baby safety kits, baby bathing kits, onesie sleepers, etc. Once the diaper bags were assembled they were delivered to the local Pregnancy Resource Center.

Back Packs for the Women's Homeless Shelter

During the month of October members of our church contributed food, toiletries, women specific items, and items for children. With help of our church family we were able to put together 24 back packs, 2 large boxes of food, gloves, hats, socks, toiletries and other necessities. The back packs contained some of the basic necessities for homeless women and their children; special treats were included in each child's back pack. The back packs were delivered to the local Women's Homeless Shelter where eager staff received the needed items with smiles and appreciation.